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Version 0.26.0 - Dec 19, 2022

Bugfix: File path label with too large contents extending window beyond viewport GUI bug fixed
Enhancement: Default external editor configuration for MacOS added

Version 0.25.0 - Apr 17, 2022

Enhancement: Workaround for pycscope trailer start offset bug running on Python 3.8
Enhancement: Updated Scintilla to 3.21.1
Enhancement: Removed warnings for Qt 5.15
Enhancement: Windows installer now includes Qt 5.15.2 and sqlite 3.38.2 binaries
Enhancement: Moved from Travis CI to Github Actions (for Linux, MacOS and Windows builds)

Version 0.24.0 - Jan 17, 2021

Enhancement: Improved German translation for CodeQuery GUI, contributed by stweise

Version 0.23.0 - Apr 15, 2020

The CMake build directory is now moveable and renameable, which is useful for Debian source package creation

Version 0.22.0 - Apr 12, 2020

Enhancement: Added build option for no GUI
Enhancement: Updated Scintilla to 3.11.2
Enhancement: Performance improvement by using QString instead of STL String for search through GUI
Enhancement: Added ability to general call function and class inheritance graph through cqsearch CLI
Enhancement: Added ability to filter by path added to cqsearch CLI
Enhancement: Changing query type on the GUI dropbox will start a search immediately
Enhancement: Clicking on a line in the GUI file viewer, will now highlight the appropriate function in the function list
Enhancement: Now Qt5 becomes the default build option in CMakeLists.txt
Enhancement: Windows installer changed from InnoSetup to Wix Toolset, to generate MSI installer
Enhancement: Now Windows installer will be in two versions: Qt5, 64-bit or Qt4, 32-bit
Bugfix: Default font selection for GUI file viewer, instead of becoming empty
Bugfix: Improved annotation accuracy in GUI
Bugfix: Improved brace highlighting in GUI
Bugfix: Fixed the bug where function list next to GUI file viewer doesn’t work properly for grep

Version 0.21.1 - Sept 16, 2018

Fixed a build error due to new version of Qt5 (5.11)

Version 0.21.0 - Apr 30, 2017

Fixes in the ctags file parser
“List of files” button added to the GUI
Improved “full path for file” results list in GUI

Version 0.20.0 - Apr 9, 2017

Major bug fix for a performance issue in the GUI, wrt clearing of the search results list
Other minor bug fixes

Version 0.19.0 - Apr 2, 2017

Migrated from GPLv2 to MPLv2 because of incompatibility with Qt5’s license
Now officially supporting Qt5 for Linux and Mac, but Qt4 for Windows
Replaced QScintilla (by Riverbank Computing) with Scintilla (by Neil Hodgson), to avoid GPLv3
Unicode UTF-8 files now viewable on CodeQuery GUI
Source code preview text line length now unlimited in database
CodeQuery CLI now has feature to change the source code preview text line truncation length
Golang syntax highlighting added
Travis script now also builds with clang and Qt5 for Mac build testing
Fixed a build bug in CMake scripts for Arch Linux
Debian and tarball packages would now be separated into Qt5 and Qt4

Version 0.18.0 - Oct 9, 2016

Migrated from GPLv3 to GPLv2 because some companies ban GPLv3 software
List of functions in the file viewer area is a major new feature
Now the selection of one or two levels has been added for function call graphs
Replaced Dipperstein’s optlist with Sittler’s getopt replacement (MIT licensed), to avoid LGPLv3
Updated showgraph (now BSD licensed), with rebase from the git repo
Various bug fixes for the file viewer

Version 0.17.0 - Sept 25, 2016

Now Javascript is officially supported through starscope
The full file path option is added to the command-line version of the tool for vim support
HOWTO documentation updated for compatibility with Mac OS
CodeQuery now officially built using Qt5 for Mac OS, but still in Qt4 for Windows and Linux
Travis script updated to include Coverity scanning

Version 0.16.0 - May 2, 2015

Brace matching on the file viewer
Better handling for current line highlight
Annotation in file viewer to quickly and easily identify the selected item
Changed version to the semantic versioning scheme MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH
Qt4 (default) and Qt5 now supported by CMake build option

Version 0.15 - Aug 12, 2014

Added support for Mac OS
Allowed -q in cscope.out header
Added info to HOWTOs on how to exclude standard include paths

Version 0.14 - Mar 9, 2014

Fixed Java and Ruby syntax highlight bug
Fixed bug where database file combobox becomes too large due to very long filename

Version 0.13 - Mar 1, 2014

Grep feature added
Last search history stored persistently

Version 0.12 - Feb 23, 2014

QScintilla used for code editing widget
Imported a number of syntax highlight themes from Notepad++
Ruby and Go now officially supported through starscope
RPM packages will now be generated also

Version 0.11 - Dec 31, 2013

File path filter
New query type: Calls of this function
Search results traversing within same file
Improvements on graph’s initial size and zoom
Bug fix on external editor settings text

Version 0.10 - Aug 10, 2013

ctags file processing optimization
New GUI features: Header files only, Functions inside this file, new About box
New GUI features: Ability to change file viewer font and tab space width
Autocomplete made asynchronous and optimized

Version 0.09 - Apr 20, 2013

Fixed some cscope.out parser and SQL handling bugs
Added font resize buttons for file viewer

Version 0.08 - Apr 14, 2013

Fixed Windows app icon and taskbar bugs

Version 0.07 - Apr 13, 2013

Added ability to parse cscope.out generated by pycscope (for Python support)
Added syntax highlighting for Python and Java
File path can now be selected and copied in the GUI tool

Version 0.06 - Feb 27, 2013

Fixed syntax highlight bug, added user warning if CQ database is older than viewed source file,
removed the extra console window appearing alongside the GUI app in Windows

Version 0.05 - Feb 25, 2013

Fixed file path bug in Windows and initial version of cqsearch CLI tool

Version 0.04 - Feb 24, 2013

Initial version of visualization for function call graph and class inheritance is now working.

Version 0.03 - Feb 22, 2013

Added wildcard search * and ?. Added previous and next history browsing for search.

Version 0.02 - Feb 19, 2013

Fixed external editor file path recognition bug for Windows
(could not recognize spaces e.g. C:\Program Files).

Version 0.01 - Feb 18, 2013

Initial release